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chamayavilakku Festival 2011 - Kottangulangara Chamayavilakku Festival

Kottangulangara Chamayavilakku Festival

Start Date: 24/03/2011 - 00:00
End Date: 25/03/2011 - 00:00
Classification of the festival-Cultural/ Religious.: Religious

Entry restrictions exist (Religious restrictions / Entry pass).: No
Details of access to the place

Nearest Railwaystations: Kollam about 13 km
Nearest Airports: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 71 km from Kollam town

Religion.: Hindu
Description of festival (Legends, History, Customs related with the festival, Highlights):
Here’s your chance to watch a really amazing festival, come, attend chamayavilakku, the annual festival at Kottankulangara devi temple. Hundreds of beautiful ‘women’ strolling on the temple premises on the festival night may not surprise you in the first instance until you realise that they are men in drags as part of a special ritual. During night, these 'damsels’, holding traditional lamps, walk in procession to the temple to the accompaniment of traditional orchestra; a memorable sight indeed. The festival falls on the 10th and 11th of the Meenam month on the the Malayalam calendar.
Nearby tourist destination : Not at any Destination
Number of days of festival:2
District: KOLLAM

The festival falls on March 24 and 25th this year. Though it is only starting of summer, temperature will be around 34 to 37 degrees, which you should be able to manage.

This festival is purely divine in nature. Five-year-old boy to senior citizen, without any age restrictions, used to participate in the festival as a part of a ritual to the Goddess for fulfillment of their wishes. On an average 1200 to 1500 guys used to participate every year.

Participants should be dressed in decent female clothing and hold a lamp called ‘Chamayavilakku’ with them (available for rent at the temple premises). Those do not have lamp come with sexy dresses (even wearing sleeveless blouse) will not be allowed to participate in the festival.

Fem dressed males, in local language called as, ‘Vilakkukal (lamps)’ assemble first at the temple premises to ignite the lamp with them by the temple priest, then moving towards the pathway (small road) through which the deity is taken on procession. They will be taking position on either side of the pathway, about one km stretch. Once the procession is over they will move to the temple to put off the light in their lamps in the place provided in the temple premises. While they hold the lamp they are treated as escort of the Goddess and will be respected by the local public, who are having belief / faith.

Though the ‘Vilakkukal’ start assembling in the temple premises from 9 pm in the night, the procession will be taking place around 4 am in the next morning. There is no rules that you would wait till the procession is over. At any point of time, you can put off your lamp according to the custom and leave for your place. However most of them will wait till the procession is complete in all respects.

The temple is situated in a village called ‘kottankulangara’, which is about 14 kms from Kollam and 10 kms from Karunagappally, another nearby town in the Trivandrum – Salem National Highway (NH-47). Kollam and Karunagappally, both are suitable for comfortable stay. Since Kollam is the district headquarters availability of accommodation is more. Rooms are available from Rs.200/ to Rs.2500/- depending upon the facilities.

Bus services are available from Kollam and Karunagappally throughout the night to reach the temple. If you get dressed at your place of stay at Kollam / Karunagappally and going to the temple by bus, you have to face the public traveling in the bus, for which you should be prepared for. We cannot rule out presence of nuisance elements in the bus.

At the temple site many make-up kiosks are available, providing make up. They also give wig for rent. However dresses are not available for rent, which take note. Since the make-up parlors will be busy with clients, make up will not be that good to your expectations. There are many shops selling bangles, ear ornaments and other fem accessories but will be of cheap varieties only.

Participants should get a ticket of Rs.5/- from the temple authorities to enter the temple.
Kollam Junction is a substantially big railway station in the main line connecting Ernakulam to Trivandrum / Kanya kumari. Since Trivandrum, capital of kerala, is directly connected with all the Metros by train, anybody coming from any part of India doesn’t have difficulty in reaching Kollam. Advance reservations are most important, as passenger traffic in this route is very high. Those who are coming down to participate the festival can get down at Kollam as all the trains, including super fast trains stop there. Nearest airport is Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram), which is about 74 kms from Kollam.

The festival falls on March 24 and 25th this year. Though it is only starting of summer, temperature will be around 34 to 37 degrees, which you should be able to manage.

- To and fro journey tickets are to be booked in advance.
- Arrive at the place of stay on the previous evening to get decent accommodation.
- Arrange your own conveyance if you wish to go to the temple site dressed from room
- Go to the temple early to get lamp before the stocks get exhausted.


- Avoid going outside the temple between 11 pm to 2 am without proper escorts.
- Walking alone outside the temple premises is not advisable.
- Avoid drinks and food items from temple site as they are polluted.
- Face the comments from admirers with a smile and don’t react.

Advice to first time participants:
First day visit the temple site in male dress; enjoy the festivities as admirer seeing and understanding happenings thereat. You can see how makeup parlors are working, the rate they charge etc. Don’t miss a walk through the crowds outside the temple at the peak time; say 11 pm to 2 am. Second day you can dress and participate in the festival and enjoy your feminity.



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  5. Do you have to be a Hindu to take part? I have no religion but that sounds like fun.

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  10. It is realy amazing and i would like to participate and wish DEVI'S BLESSINGS

  11. i want to come Chamayavilakku please give the details?

    Please advice which is the best day to attend the festival.. march24th or 25th ?
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  12. I don't have female dresses& jewlery & wig.. Is there any option to get it on rent over the temple premise?i am came to single...any group
    will joind me?
    pls forward ths details...m waiting for your reply...e mail id- nkpatel20@gmail.com

    1. Bring saree and buy blouse as per your choice and size.You may buy salwar kameez or ghagra-choli and get fitted by a tailor.Jewelery and wig are rented here.

  13. I'd love to attend this festival in Half saree, with yellow pattu pavadai and matching jacket. A red color Halfsaree to contrast the same. Very well polished nails with red color nail polish. Long plaited hair filled with jasmine flowers, Hands full of bangles, jewelery, lipstick, bindi and eyelashes. I like women so much that I want to become one. Hope I will get a life partner who can understand my feelings and allow me to crossdress with in the house as and when I wish.

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